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The Finger stylus has been disruptively redesigned into the TAPTOOL.  Similar to a conductive fingertip stylus, TAPTOOL is the perfect accessory for heavy touchscreen users. TAPTOOL can help people with medical conditions more comfortably use their touch screens. TAPTOOL is the conductive finger stylus completely reinvented. TAPTOOL will also improve user hygiene. TAPTOOL Designed by an orthopedic physical therapist to precisely support the joints and nerves of the fingertip. TAPTOOL is the smartest accessory you've never thought of. Funded on KICKSTARTER- MADE IN THE USA-PATENT PENDING

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Cleaner Touchscreens and Snappy Performance

TAPTOOL's oleo-phobic conductive material reduces smudge and ergonomically absorbs shock.

Our patent pending Tine Technology focuses your tap to a 3-4 mm area.

TAPTOOL keeps your fingers off the screen surface. 

TAPTOOL will give you more peace of mind using Touch screens in public settings. 

Disinfect-able, washable and reusable.

TAPTOOL is the perfect companion accessory for your new Phablet.

Built by a Physical Therapist to give your Fingers a rest.

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  Set of 5 TAPTOOLs  and a handy case with free shipping in USA and Canada for 20 USD.  


Set of 5 TAPTOOLs  and a handy case with free shipping in USA and Canada for 20 USD.


We are hard at work getting ready for production.

Pre-order here with our partner. No charges will be issued until TAPTOOL ships.

30 day 100% money back guarantee 


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Touch Screen and Nintendo games


Better accuracy, smooth glide and no smudge.

TAPTOOL can help you get your game on. 

( TAPTOOL works on Nintendo Systems and all Capacitive touch screens)



Long Nails


TAPTOOL can activate the touchscreen from any angle or pitch of your fingertip making it easier to tap with your long nails. 



Pinpoint Accuracy with our Tine Technology.

Reduce your tap size to 3-4 mm, just like a stylus.

Boost performance and productivity.

Arthritis and Painful conditions


Arthritic, orthopedic and nerve injuries need extra comfort using touch screens.

 TAPTOOL takes the zing out of tapping on glass.



"As a Sports Medicine Physician , I see great potential benefits of TAPTOOL in reduction of repetitive stress injuries in heavy touch screen users.I have used the TAPTOOL myself and it is comfortable and significantly reduces the forces required for typing on a Touch screen."
Alfred Gellhorn, MD is a University of Washington Clinical Assistant Professor and Sports Medicine Physician with Department of Rehabilition Medicine at UW. 

Germs and Hygiene


TAPTOOL creates a hygienic barrier between you and your touch screen. 

TAPTOOL is made of an engineered polymer for easy wearing and cleaning . 

It is naturally ventilated by design.



Humid Conditions


TAPTOOL also can be used in humid environments like the beach or gym where your perspiration can be an issue when using a mobile device or tablet.

Large, Stubby or Wide Fingers


Do you have fumbly bumbly fingers?
Large fingertips have a broad surface area that makes targeted taps difficult.  

TAPTOOL focuses your broad area to 3-4 mm, discreetly activating your screen where you want it. 


TAPTOOL Situations

ALLERGY INFORMATION: Latex free. TAPTOOL contains trace amounts of silicone.

TAPTOOL's  base plastic is frequently used for medical devices and hospital supplies.